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1. Pump Installation
· Limit the deflection of the alignment between the shafts to 0.05mm TIR.
· Shafts are not aligned correctly, bearing and oil seals may be damaged and noise, vibration or trouble occurred.

2. Temperature
· In care the oil temperature is under 7 degree, operate the pump temporarily with the pressure lower than 20 kgf/cm² and raise the pressure after oil temperature rises.

3. Filter
· Use suction filter finner than 150 mesh in suction line; In case the pump is used with hydraulic pressure ove 100 kgf/cm², use the line filter finner than 25 micron in the tank line.

4. Starting
· Minimum speed at the starting should be over 950 rpm.
· Lay suction line as short as possible so that suction resistance won't exceed the allowable suction resistance.
· Make sure air tightness of suction line should be perfect.
· Suction side and discharge side are piped with stell pipes, note that unreasonable force should not be placed on the pump.