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1. Pump Installation
· Limit the deflection of the alignment between the shafts to 0.05mm TIR.
· Suction side pressure should be less than 0.31kgf/cm².

2. Oil Viscosity and Temperature.
· Please choose oil viscosity at 20-50cst, ISO VG32-68 oil.
· Temperature range at between 5-60 degree.

3. Filter
· Use suction filter finner than 150 mesh , 100 micron in the suction line; Use finner than 25 micron in the tank line.

4. Starting
· Be sure to fill- up oil before starting pump.
· Air in pipe and pump is extracted completely.
· Make sure rotation is correct. Clockwise rotation viewed from shaft end is standard.

5. Pressure and Flow adjustment
· Pressure rises if turns right to pressure adjusting screw.
· Flow down if turns rights to flow adjusting screw.